A Purpose? Quantum Coded

This is the most difficult of all subjects to discuss. For each idea of an individuals purpose will probably be different. To one that feels eternity, initially it is the philosophy of our purpose that falls the first victim.

Is our purpose defined by our technological advancement?

Is our purpose defined by our Deeds?

Is our purpose defined by our possessions?

Is our purpose to serve a god/gods?

Is our purpose to be at peace with all?

Is our purpose to evolve?

Is our purpose just to kill time?

What would truly advance you more?  A century in hell and adversity, or a century in heaven and complacency ?

Would you aspire to be a God or a Devil?

Once a God or a Devil, what purpose then?

Then round and round we go eternally ……

In the non end, A Gods desires and fears are of no more or less a value than yours. As is everything regardless of size, strength, nor mass. For a need, or a fear are all but equal. One will always be One. Two will always be Two, So on and So on. We only add value to what is said or done to our perception of hence where it is derived. A king will put on his pants, in the same fashion as of the lowliest peasant.

As time lines are concerned, my first and foremost loyalty is to the lineage. To the ones who have come before, including possibly our own selves. Which Ironically in some odd way, we may be our own creators. Just resonating on common ground. We may never know, unless we develop the sight to imagine what was before a beginning. What was before anything, ever? For if there was a before anything ever, than there had to be a never. Which then would be impossible, because now we are immersed in forever. Knowing that there can never be a never, but at the same time knowing there had to be a never. We have become the friction between existence and non-existence. Eternal, yet know eternal is a road that must have an infinite past, as well as an infinite future minus a beginning?

Now you know the ultimate code…..

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