Psychic Weaponry

scanners2Not the most common subject among the Apeirophobia / Eternalist  community, but as absurd as it sounds it must be addressed.

Those who have learned to handle their reaction better to the exposure of eternal awareness, have an astute understanding of how much pain can be inflicted by this exposure to a freshly exposed individual. There is no doubt that this can be considered beyond a painful thing to empathize with. For the scars left by this exposure not only do not heal as in grieving for loss, but amplify. This can be considered more of an extremely dangerous spiritual weapon than a psychic one.

For what I believe the process that occurred for most of us. We were first exposed by the voluntary realization of a concept in which we had no prior exposure. We were however painfully capable of understanding what we felt. If the energy of this emotion were to be empathized completely to an individual or group that is not capable of understanding what they feel ( You get the picture)..

As unusual and bizarre the topic is, it must be addressed.

Who knows, through the psychic impact of the eternal concept could devolve the conscious awareness triggering the next zombie apocalypse..( Of course I jest ) for realz 😉

ring of solomon

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