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In short Apeirophobia to the outside world is a generalized fear of eternity. With a general assumption that it is some sort of fear of eternal repetition.  Innocently not understanding that this is a linear concept issue, in regards to our deeper issue of personal significance. We inadvertently fall into this mental or philosophical conflict with the concept of time and place seem never to seek out this so called phobia. There, after all, is the twist. This really is not a phobia, but a struggle to define personal significance or any significance for that matter in a never ending story.

From this point on I like to move the innocently ignorant classification of Apeirophobia to one of Eternalism. It is not a fear of time; it is a fear of meaning in respect to forever. Only those who actually have been awoken to this initial despair,  understand the meaning of the prior statement.

With the risk of me sounding esoteric. We Eternalist know that relationships, memories,  civilizations, planets, stars, universes, religion, gods, etc., all eventually fade. That is even if time follows a linear path at all. In the end linear, non-linear there is only you.

So, why even bother writing this down? For one, all I know is the now. I see this concept struggle being brought into the realm of self-pity, despair, panic, or anything else that makes this self-inflicted purgatory just plain dreadful. As I glance through the history of our chosen philosophers who dwelled on the subject, it gets both boring and dreadful.

To many of us, due to our different concepts of existence, we really don’t care how many accolades our societies  throw upon our pre-packaged gurus. To us that have delved into the sometimes painful concepts of the never ending, Truth resonates.


You, I, and whomever else have to ask the question why our initial response to this concept awakening is so very, very not pleasant? Of all the ways and emotions we could experience to this initial unknown, why terror like responses? Often no one else in our immediate circles of friends, relatives, folklore, or religion pre-conditioned us to this concept. Why biologically are we obstructed from thinking about something that should make no difference to our evolution? I can only hypothesize understanding time in a positive resonance would only empower it.

This site is being development in a very haphazard attempt to why we have this built-in self-destruct mechanism, and how, and now we can re-wire our response to the eternal concepts.

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Some black holes erase your past

ET#40 Transition and Interaction

Ralph Turchaino Eternalist

Information not manifested does not equal no information

From the Devout to the Spiritual perceive the potential of interaction, From the Nihilist to the Agnostic perceive the void of transition

Geometric Representation of the cardinal elements

Geometric Representation of the cardinal elements

ET#40 Transition and Interaction

Ralph Turchiano -Beginning Information before Creation

The Summoning #39

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You, Numbers, Musical Notes all Information that eternally exists prior to the Universe. The Universe is no more than a tool into which manifests information. Even after a Universe passes, information always exists waiting to be manifested. All matter, energy, and other knowns consist of knowledge Existing both in the present and the past. Interacting and transitioning energy as well as matter within perceived dimensions of physical time and space. Regardless of it being a force, string or quanta of space, these are the products of manifestation and not the basis. Before there ever is an is, there is first information. Before there ever is a universe, there is information. It is not the Overt Universe which created Quantity, Chord. Order, Chaos, You, but limitless information. Dimension, Matter, and Energy could never have existed if it was not first for the information in which to be manifested. Once manifested it becomes the statistical knowledge of that Universe. When you look into the void, it is only the absence of knowledge. It is fully potentiated information in which new knowledge can be manifested. The information of Music, Numbers, You, do not require a Universe in which to exist, they only require a Universe in which to manifest. The order in which information transitions to knowledge is the clock in which existence ticks Eternalist – Ralph Turchiano 22 JUN 2017

Alternate Universe Modeling

Compression Universe Ralph Turchiano

Infinity Intersects Limits # 38

Ralph Turchiano Eternalist Apeirophobia, Quantum Cypher

Infinity Intersects Limits # 38

Moments are never the exact same moment twice, yet all moments exist. All Possibilities are there but do not appear till measured. Since Existence is non dependent on time. Existence is merely a canvas in which all potential is open, yet does not exist till measured. As well as not exist in time when no longer measured, yet remains a possibility in and out of the bounds of existence regardless of time.

All Moments matter as they become closed sets to what measures, yet what measures is Eternal.


Zero Point Binding #37

Ralph Turchiano, Apeirophobia,

Free thought is an illusion, once it is constructed to comply with acceptable norms.
The most difficult challenge in adapting to the awareness of eternal existence is the default nature of human training. Once this new concept is breached, there is often an attempt to blend non-testable or provable philosophical foundations upon a total unknown. There should only be two concerns to the Eternalist:
To be able to operate agnostically through diverse realities
To Identify and adapt, or adapt and identify
Foundations installed by those not concerned with anything more than limited sets of existence are not malleable to defining purpose nor intent in open sets. It takes courage to be able to deconstruct all of which your past was built and build a foundation for yourself that is timeless.

Constraint Relaxation #36

Eternalist Ralph Turchiano Onfinity

When the lines of time become undefinable, as you first perceive 1,000 Earth solar years ahead, then a million, and onward into then into Ad infinitum. Often the mind which is accustomed to sets desperately tries to see beginnings and end in multiple points amongst what I call “Event Breach”. Purpose is easier to define in limits; However, when those limits are removed so vanishes the purpose in which we define self.
In the Event Breach, it becomes a horrid self-reflection when we ask ourselves ” for what purpose is it to exist without meaning “ . These are the thoughts of one who has been trained to serve something externally in exchange of meaning to define of one’s self. It is not to question the nobility behind this servitude, but to question whether this service is a reciprocal relationship of exchanging the perception of time for purpose.
Time is nothing more than a temporary perception based upon a set of variables in which each measures against the other. Time is the least meaningful and abundant commodity in existence, yet to some it is the most valuable.

Reality is only Linear by Choice #35

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Existence is often a choice of sets and lines perceived from multiple points. Heavens and Hells, Creations and Oblivions all real to those who choose to perceive it as so. Superior beings whether Devil or God, measured in strength by the mastery of choice in any chosen reality. Choice is also how one chooses to know existence.
To the Eternalist their vision of existence is only limited to the size of the set they choose to know. Often a linear progression of their imagination is dwarfed by the size of the set they envision. No beginning, No end, Power Rises, Power Falls, Never ending Continuous Sorting, Void of Purpose. The Eternalist is aware they are a part of an eternal sort. It is this awareness that repurposes the Eternalist as they no longer see their actions and their potential within a closed set. Existence purposed and time measured by the amount of accumulated memories, potential and perception that is shared amongst all variables great and small as well. Nothing is ever forgotten, but not everything is always processed.