Phases of Existence. Decoding your Immortality ?

Existence is a subjective term to start with. The term can be torn apart and mutated to no end. For the sake of simplicity, we will just regulate it down to your impact or lack of in any given dimension.


If existence is recognized of our ability to connect with past, present and future events based solely upon our linear, or non linear time line.


Then we manifest either energy, or material (just different energy) from a variety of material all initially with separate intents to form a more common intent. Hence forth body, soul, God, Demi-God, whatever. After all most likely every cell in your body is derived from material that existed from the initiation of this dimensional universe. In which this Universe exist within another, as others exist within this one.

As a pebble that causes ripples across a lake. The intent is both the rock, the ripple, the air, the water, and everything else so forth that is effected. Whether this intent be through observation, or by what may be called quantum entanglement.

You are Intent, you are immortal, you are omnipresent. This does not mean you are some sort of super being, dork 😉 . For there is Order, Laws, things that ruin our fun.

I’ll finish this in a bit….2 AUG 2013

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