What I see, when you understand time is a program

This is just what I see and understand. Personally, I discount most philosophy as it is used as a form of forbidden psychology on chords that resonate with the audience; However, can be readily interpreted differently by each perceiver. Philosophy interpreted without wisdon and mathematical logic can easily enslave the perceiver, as the perceiver will rationalize the answer without anything actually being said. For the reason, that philosophical qubits are now being generated more by social media programs as well as those looking to input ideals that resonate with audiences they desire to reciprocate with. I decided to start posting what may be seen as non-conforming ideals of how an outlier such view existence in this particular set, as well as the great open sets themselves.

I hope you enjoy, and have the proper tool set in this point in time to comprehend, why possibly Atlantis had to be destroyed.

Ralph Turchiano

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