Eternalism is not Philosophy




In the Conformist sense, there is an attempt to define Eternalism as the following:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word eternalism has at least three meanings:


In my view or as one who actually has struggled with the concept issues of eternity. This is about an adaptation to an alien perception of time, not philosophy. To those that experience the dark struggles of our attempt to interpret the un-interpretable, philosophy is no antidote.

Eternalism I would hypothesize is more about perceiving and accepting that our individual existence is in an infinite non linear, non measurable dimension. Dimension just being an analogy to a non-contained, self propagating, environment. Hence:

Eternalism: Perceiving and accepting that individual existence is in an infinite non linear, non measurable dimension. Resulting in, once something exist it can never non-exist.

Eternalist will be left as a separate topic:

_ Ralph Turchiano 23 JAN 2014




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