Polarization #26

Eternal Order, Eternity, War, Conflict

Inevitably timelines lead to conscious battles between the Angels of order, and the
Demons of Chaos.
The Angels of Order are eternally defending the timelines to the point where the Demons of Chaos become bored with their existence.
The Demons yearning to experience everything new again, as if children seeing and feeling the wonders of creation all for the very first time.
The Angels are defending their
glorious order, meticulously crafted to
protect the many from uncertainty.
The Angels are driven to build
eternally new only upon the old,
leading to a smaller and smaller apex of
discovery over time.
Pure Order leading to total Subjugation, Pure Freedom leading to total Chaos.

2 thoughts on “Polarization #26

  1. Eternalist can play any role since it is really kind of similar to a school of awareness like a mathematician, physicist, philosopher etc. This Awareness changes how problems are perceived and solved in a semi-closed set. In simple terms Eternalist can be good, evil or a little of both.

    Which leads to your next question (Nicely)

    Yes, we do it every day, “We forget” now that is a very simple answer to the tip of a complex question. An is just an example of a third way because we also have recall. Yet we do not think of everything we learned constantly, very similar to contemporary computers. Is death or decay, nothing more than a coping mechanism to deal with eternal existence? After all, we are composed of elements that have always been and always will be.

    To Exist and not to Know – This is why I state ” We are not our memories”

    Now though the deeper answer to your question leads to subsets, and greater sets (set theory). What is awareness, how long is memory, how can memory be carried through different realities (universes), can perception be limited etc..

    But to keep it simple, we will just say we forget as a convenient third option 😉


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