Brief Undefined Stages #27

Aleph 0 Ralph Turchiano

Conscious Intent of Eternal
Existence—Various undefined
levels of Perception
Know of it, but don’t explore it
Envision existence in brief linear segments i.e. Hell/Heaven, Nirvana, Atheism
Explore the Function and Structure of eternity (Set Theory, convergence, Aleph 0)
Philosophical Concepts of no beginning and no end, true immortality of never forgetting
Philosophical, Mysticism, Kabbalistic, Math Hybrid, to seek power or to know true God/Power
Breach Existence Pain, Despair, Loss of Purpose, Hell, Wanting to Forget
Insanity, Withdrawal, Lack of Will to Live
Tepid Co-existence altering between pain and empowerment, Adaptation
Redefining Purpose as self, perception, redefining reality, you are the center of your universe, choosing purpose in which to define yourself,
Awakened, Evolved, no longer having the need to worship power eternally for the sake of reward

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