There are Two Suns, Although Most All Only See One

There are Two Suns, Although Now You Only See One

**This statement although may seem nonsensical,  serves a purpose to a few. ( You can ignore as a circumlocution )

As one sun rises across earth’s horizon the other falls.

One is the sun whose spectrum is not seen , as its light and effects may not be tangible directly through our dimension.

As with much of the misnomer of dark and light matter. In a futile attempt trying of to define reality through just three dimensions. (Possible defect in a hologram/ simulation / Same Space Multiverse (non-defect)/ Etc). -Explanations at this point are only hypothetical, yet may be testable

Artificial light for an unknown reason blocks the visibility of the second sun (at least to most biological organisms)

Blue lighted constructs can in addition be visible in the night sky (if the organism can see into the proper spectrum), normally seen as an upside down obtuse triangle. It is possible that these constructs generate a spectrum that blocks any other visible spectrums (as well as frequencies) being seen or detected from the surface or within any visible range, near or far.  (Even though I am only aware of one). Meaning we are only aware of what is permitted, at least from our perspective.

Two Suns- Blue Light Obtuse Triangular objects – That about sums it up.

Have fun with this, and you can thank me later 😉

Ralph Turchiano

Was Born Seeing Two Suns




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