Praeter Principium Metus

ONEI don’t know if this is a fear or an obsession with I. Yes I have dealt with the despair of no end. Yet I am frustrated that the lack of comprehension I have to conceptualize no beginning.

We know from a logic aspect that something always existed for an infinite past.

Why though we can see into the future of nothingness, yet  can’t past the sticking point of everything not having to have start?

For me personally, I have I strong desire to conceptualize this. Knowing however, that we are intent. That as intent all of our actions will carry some resonance into infinity. I am concerned that our actions scar our ability to conceptualize us, as always.

Even if all our memories are erased and our biological prejudices removed. Even if we choose to devolve our intent to something more basic . Our intent shall always be effected by our actions altering the resonance of our impressions in existence.

I will never feel truly qualified to judge life without end, till I can imagine life without a beginning.

I have only come to peace therefore with half of my existence.

Ralph Edward Turchiano

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