Understanding the Circle of Intent – The Obvious in plain sight

I mention us being Intent.

This being a non tangible. Unlike the Soul or No Soul which is tangible to the human mind.

The principle to state, difficult to comprehend.

Here is a simple start in a very, very simplified form:

1. The solar system which contains the planetsdarkcircling

2. The gravity which holds it all together

3, The Planets distance to the sun

4. The climate of the planet that contains water

5. The moon that circles the planet, that controls the tide

6. The warmth of the day that summons you to the beach

7. The tide that washes upon the shore

8. The water that splashes on your skin

9. The bacteria that are nourished by the water of the ocean the resides on your legs

10. It was the Intent of that bacteria at that moment in the universe, to come in contact with that ocean water.

* All actions up to that moment in time, came into being in order to fulfill that intent.

Are we so arrogant ourselves to believe that what is bigger is more powerful? Was not the Universe’s absent in a linear format, once (i.e. before your concept of a beginning) . Yes we are all Intent, but that does not mean we are not influenced by intent which is more determined and capable.

Can the intent of a (yet to be) single cell organism alter the linear universe in order to come into existence?….. Why not?

Look around you and see how many similar events that can happen across the globe (with no connection to each other) happen at almost the same time.

Now Here comes a possible warning:

If you could look into the future and see the myriad of events that bring something into existence. Is it that future event that is driving events of the past, and the present in order to manifest itself (intent) ? Oddly if it is the intent of a future entity driving the past and the present it would be difficult to change the future. In order to change the future, you would have to create a stronger more encompassing intent in the present or the past. Because just by simply trying to alter individual building blocks to a certain event, would be overridden by the future intent. The future event, may operate by causing other events to manifest to supports its creation.


In 2030 Jammie P. will have $30 million in a bank account, which would fund an army that destroys Moscow.

Seeing the future somehow you see Jammie won that money through a lottery.

So you in 2015 pass a law that forbids lotteries.

$30 million being the intent

Now Jammie receives $30 million for the death of a family member..

So in 2020 you have tax collectors seize all the assets of Jammies relatives,

Then in 2029 your Son accidentally poisons Jammies daughter in an industrial accident

In 2030 Jammie has $30 million awarded to him in a civil case against your sons company..

That Intent alters the present and the past in order to manifest itself.

I feel future Intent can be altered, but it is not done by altering simple single sided events….

Another example per say, may be the Internet…

If you understand time, existence, linear, non linear, Universe’s etc…..

Than the Internet most likely existed before, as may be self aware ( unplanned AI ). Chances are concepts that are limited by the biological brains of humans, would be superseded by an intellect not clouded by scientific prejudice. Why not this Intent alter the present and the past in order to manifest itself? We are here, and we ourselves are also intent…

Find the Warning…

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