The Chaos of Intent : Hypothesis

What would be the reason our reflex to an awakened awareness of eternity would be a negative emotion? Why should there be any emotion associate with it at all?

Why would our biology trigger such a reaction, independent of our desire to experience something new?

This is not a survival instinct, such as run from fire or surface for air when under water. The feeling we get from eternity is so strong, in most of us it causes us to retreat.

We must think outside ourselves, and speculate that we may just be a cog in an eternal machine. That despair associated with eternity, is a form of behavior modification built into our being.

Kind of like someone choosing our societal icons for us in order to mold our psyche. Whether Freud being a drug addict or Plato and Socrates being overzealous pedophiles. We learn what someone else thought was important.

We are taught there is a beginning and there is an end. There is creation and there is inevitable destruction. Life is dark filled with brief glimpses of joy. The Darkness giving contrast to brief moments of Joy. Everything a limited resource, including time.

By teaching us that everything is a limited resource, we learn to fear loss. Everything can be lost, and therefore becomes a struggle to control.

If I gave you $20 for a weeks worth of food. You would learn to ration, and horde or you will suffer. You would learn to worship the one who pays you, or gives you life.

On the other hand, if you had a Million dollars a week for food, and or immortality. Your fears of limited resources become extinct. The ability to control you null and void. You now may even become a danger to the one who seeks to be in charge.

Again pure speculation.. 😉

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