The Summoning #39

Eternity, Information, existence, Infinity

You, Numbers, Musical Notes all Information that eternally exists prior to the Universe. The Universe is no more than a tool into which manifests information. Even after a Universe passes, information always exists waiting to be manifested. All matter, energy, and other knowns consist of knowledge Existing both in the present and the past. Interacting and transitioning energy as well as matter within perceived dimensions of physical time and space. Regardless of it being a force, string or quanta of space, these are the products of manifestation and not the basis. Before there ever is an is, there is first information. Before there ever is a universe, there is information. It is not the Overt Universe which created Quantity, Chord. Order, Chaos, You, but limitless information. Dimension, Matter, and Energy could never have existed if it was not first for the information in which to be manifested. Once manifested it becomes the statistical knowledge of that Universe. When you look into the void, it is only the absence of knowledge. It is fully potentiated information in which new knowledge can be manifested. The information of Music, Numbers, You, do not require a Universe in which to exist, they only require a Universe in which to manifest. The order in which information transitions to knowledge is the clock in which existence ticks Eternalist – Ralph Turchiano 22 JUN 2017

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