God of the Four Quadrants #34

Forcing a Reduction in Choice Results in Inevitable Chaos - Ralph Turchiano

Eternity through the Eyes of Infinite Intervals

Eternity through the Eyes of Infinite Intervals
Eternal Existence in motion
Choice is a gift, formula, and soul of Existence
To Artificially limit or Deny Choice Summons Chaos/War

All Realities are Simulations but One #33

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All Realities are Simulations but One
Once the Eternalist comes to the realization that most all Realities are simulations, then the universe of infinite possibilities becomes a common perception. Time, Dimension, space, distance, vectors and all the ingredients that compose of a perceived reality are malleable. Eternalists build their science upon the mechanics of what creates realities, more than the obsession with just one reality.
While Realities may become closed sets, existence always remains open. The reality of infinite realities is the common denominator binding all intents and potentials. What influences the perception of the mechanics of anyone reality to what is perceived by the majority is no different than an Arch Mage or a Brilliant Scientist. It is also illusory to conceive Time as the master, Time is not the master of perception or reality, it is merely just an ingredient. In the same light, the battle for a dominant Perception is the root of both peace and war.
The psyche must be prepared for the realization that peace is fleeting while war is eternal. The hierarchy for any order yields most often to the dominant perception. Perception potentiates the simulations which mold nonhomogeneous realities.
What I Perceive, Perceives me
What I See, See’s me
What I know, Knows Me

Trinity of Zero #32

Ralph Turchiano. Definition of Zero, New. Eternalist, Infinity, Concept

The concept of zero of being nothing or just a place holder has done extraordinary damage to the collective consciousness. Primarily for the reason, of improperly seeding the perception of what is existence or not. While 1 + 0 (nothing)=1, 2-2 = ~0 (absence of something) ≠(nothing). For once something exists it is the permanent part of a set, eternally. Zero may be of greater value to what is perceived than any other number or point.
Without it, there is no perception. Therefore when zero represents the conclusion of two non-zero constants or variables, it is not the same as one variable or constant in a formula with nothing. Yet 1×0 = 0 = 0x0 = 0x∞ One Apple multiplied by zero apples ≠ Zero Apples unless in the collective consciousness zero is intended to be defined as voiding existence. Where Zero needs to be perceived as moving from one set to another, as what mostly exists is always transient between sets.

As long as you see this card, I plan to continue to post.

Time Dimension Calculator

As long as you see this card on the site, I will continue my commitment to post. – Ralph Turchiano

Gematria #31

Emotion Logic Base Ralph Turchiano Eternity

Emotion and numbers both manifested with existence. Emotion, unlike numbers, does not necessarily lead to logic. Yet there is no logic to existence with emotion.
Truth does not require proof, nor faith. Existence must first spark time, in which there is no logic for existence to do this if there was no emotion.
Even if the energy of existence were divided or reflected into an infinite number realities and universes happiness would still be equal to happiness as 1 would always be 1.
Divide 1 square into four separate squares, you created four new number ones all individually equal numerically to the number 1 regardless of whether you move forward or backwards through time.

Rational of Cards 21-30

Ralph Turchiano Eternalist

Rationale of Cards 21-30
Existence, infinity, reality, and dimension are a series of sets. These Sets are based upon the perception of what can be defined as identity. Identity itself is a series of sets, as it may be rare that any identity is purely homogeneous with itself.
What is one, can be infinitely divided amongst itself. Where nothing is created, but simply divided. Later what may appear as being created, is simply a union of what originally was. Any Reality in itself within this context can have infinite possibilities as any division within itself, is never limited by itself, but by only what is perceived
Proof most commonly applies to what can be repeated and is limited to the truth of what may not be repeated. Do not confuse Proof with Truth.

Nexus #30

Tools For those who are Eternally aware Eternalist -Ralph Edward Turchiano

Time cannot be, without existence.
Volume cannot be without dimension
Truth can be without Proof
Existence can be without time
Dimension can be without Volume
Proof cannot be without Truth
You Are Your Own Ancestor

Rule #29

Tools For those who are Eternally aware   Eternalist -Ralph Edward Turchiano

Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence (Less Than) Axiom of choice
Between Possibility and Probability
It is always possible that what is not probable is the current outcome
Then what was not probable is now the most possible
What is common in one perspective of reality is therefore the uncommon in another

Heresy Argumentum Ad Numerum #28

Phobia infinity

Purpose is Self
Only to this realization awakened can one’s true
nature be revealed
Not being true to one’s nature is to choose to be an
imposter to all above and below
Until then Consensus Gentium is not truth, but
simply the perceived reality of others defining your purpose as theirs.
Eternalist are reborn when what they thought was their purpose is consumed in the eternal fires of existence
. Re-Forged as an evolved intent capable of eternal coexistence in any undefined reality.
Argumentum ad numerum shall never be greater than the sum of one.

Brief Undefined Stages #27

Aleph 0 Ralph Turchiano

Conscious Intent of Eternal
Existence—Various undefined
levels of Perception
Know of it, but don’t explore it
Envision existence in brief linear segments i.e. Hell/Heaven, Nirvana, Atheism
Explore the Function and Structure of eternity (Set Theory, convergence, Aleph 0)
Philosophical Concepts of no beginning and no end, true immortality of never forgetting
Philosophical, Mysticism, Kabbalistic, Math Hybrid, to seek power or to know true God/Power
Breach Existence Pain, Despair, Loss of Purpose, Hell, Wanting to Forget
Insanity, Withdrawal, Lack of Will to Live
Tepid Co-existence altering between pain and empowerment, Adaptation
Redefining Purpose as self, perception, redefining reality, you are the center of your universe, choosing purpose in which to define yourself,
Awakened, Evolved, no longer having the need to worship power eternally for the sake of reward