Welcome  to Club Apeirophobia,

In short Apeirophobia to the outside world is a generalized fear of eternity. With a general assumption that it is some sort of fear of eternal repetition.  Innocently not understanding that this is a linear concept issue, in regards to our deeper issue of personal significance. We inadvertently fall into this mental or philosophical conflict with the concept of time and place seem never to seek out this so called phobia. There, after all, is the twist. This really is not a phobia, but a struggle to define personal significance or any significance for that matter in a never ending story.

From this point on I like to move the innocently ignorant classification of Apeirophobia to one of Eternalism. It is not a fear of time; it is a fear of meaning in respect to forever. Only those who actually have been awoken to this initial despair,  understand the meaning of the prior statement.

With the risk of me sounding esoteric. We Eternalist know that relationships, memories,  civilizations, planets, stars, universes, religion, gods, etc., all eventually fade. That is even if time follows a linear path at all. In the end linear, non-linear there is only you.

So, why even bother writing this down? For one, all I know is the now. I see this concept struggle being brought into the realm of self-pity, despair, panic, or anything else that makes this self-inflicted purgatory just plain dreadful. As I glance through the history of our chosen philosophers who dwelled on the subject, it gets both boring and dreadful.

To many of us, due to our different concepts of existence, we really don’t care how many accolades our societies  throw upon our pre-packaged gurus. To us that have delved into the sometimes painful concepts of the never ending, Truth resonates.


You, I, and whomever else have to ask the question why our initial response to this concept awakening is so very, very not pleasant? Of all the ways and emotions we could experience to this initial unknown, why terror like responses? Often no one else in our immediate circles of friends, relatives, folklore, or religion pre-conditioned us to this concept. Why biologically are we obstructed from thinking about something that should make no difference to our evolution? I can only hypothesize understanding time in a positive resonance would only empower it.

This site is being development in a very haphazard attempt to why we have this built-in self-destruct mechanism, and how, and now we can re-wire our response to the eternal concepts.

Eternity, Fear,Phobia, time, infinity, Apeirophobia, eternal, Ralph Turchiano,

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