Identified Phases of Apeirophobia

Circle of solomon

From zero to Oblivion, as if it was here before it had a chance to happen.

All I have encountered to date, have had their first experience manifest itself abruptly.

What normally is actualized is a concept challenge of consciousness and an interpretation of no linear end.

Our consciousness normally operated within a fixed measurable but limited reality. However, when fixed, measurable, and limited are removed from the frame in which our consciousness normally operates. Rapid adjustments to our core values of our own place, worth and purpose result in panic, fear, and despair.

To some this can actual be as if eternity is a flow or a stream, like a physical energy (such as myself). To others it is more ethereal as a concept, or a cage of no escape.

The common denominator in all cases so far is a resonance. Which appears a broad term, since that appears to be what most things that exist do.

Then comes the creative ways people attempt to circumvent or co-exist with what some see as an  unimaginable terror. This really cannot be classified as a phobia, for it is more a concept challenge. Unless one thinks they can escape existence.

Many will delve into religion, atheism, drugs, philosophy,  simply try to ignore it, or even contemplate suicide. Inevitably there are only two primary options. Those being to either  immerse yourself in it, or de-evolve the way you think ( i.e.  hit the delete button ) .

I myself have crossed the proverbial River Styx without having to pay with my memories. I regret I cannot tell you some two bit popcorn philosophy line with butterflies and sunsets as a back drop. I can tell you though, it can be done.

When you do, nothing really special is going to happen except one simple thing. Your inner strength not having to rely on the illusion of unstable structures built by fearful civilizations, will begin to take hold. You will build on your reality. Who you are, will be an unfolding of your true nature and no one else’s.

As for me, I am no one special nor do I have to be. I know I am my own ancestor as well as my own progeny. For me personally my challenge is to always build upon this line. My memories a sliding scale that fades, limiting my immediate experience and anticipations of things to come. However my actions, no matter how faint in the distance, are a standing record to my eternal nature.

_Ralph Turchiano Updated 22 Jan 2014 –

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