I am therefore I Exist: I exist therefore I am Eternal.

The Gates of Hell

The initial adversity of attempting to rationalize eternity only exist because we fear we exist with it. Hence this is not an attempt to define ourselves as a soul, but only to deal with possible or probable knowns .  

Realities are a non-constant, whether we exist in a simulation or chaos. Therefore as in a simulation there are the laws on those factors which exist within the  programing , but few on the creator or creators. Environments can be altered without any particular rationale. Each factor in the fabricated reality an intent. Each intent existing of countless other intents (i.e. or codes).

When Intent acts in concert with a majority of the other resonances that creates intent in which order is formed.

Understanding that we are not our memories but our actions, is a conflict of interpretation.  Intent being our nature, not our memories.  This is not taking into account, that as a body we are non-homogeneous. You are a they, as it is the intent of untold number of other forms of life that keep you breathing here. As you the primary Intent depart, the unlimited number of other self-propagating  forms of intent (i.e life ) do also.

This subject is not designed to be an interpretation of how you fit in existence. It is just that you exist NOW and therefore it is possible that you will exist again and again, resonating indefinitely. Never necessarily in a constant, but constantly always existing.

You are You, not your memories but just you.

Phases of existence, souls, gods, atheism, spirits, realties, universes, dimensions, angels, devils ,demons and time itself are not you and if you choose not relevant. This does not mean that for every action there may be a reaction. You do live in the now, and it does pay to know the rules of your current reality.

In this intentionally brief logic argument in regards to you existing whether you aware of it or not. It is not difficult to prove you exist when you currently do. I am not here to prove to you that you will exist later, beyond the thankless other life forms that currently are keeping you reading. It is just to the Eternalist, if it happens just once, that once is now a constant on its own timeline. If you followed the topic to this point so far, you are capable of filling in the blanks yourself.

We deal in probability and possibility. You have proven yourself possible, now you shall always be probable.

_Ralph Turchiano 24 JAN 2014

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