Praeter Principium Metus – Conception of that which never began, but yet always was?

In order for any concept of time to be truly understood one has to do more than look forward. This to me raises the highest of perplexing dilemmas. How do we  look back?  I am not talking the illusions of history crafted for our convenience.

History as we know it, is something we really do not know at all. We just accept it through an accumulation of empirical evidence and  scholarly interpretations. After that History, as with Religion are both accepted upon faith. Each measured by being either more, or less possible.

For the Eternalist approach though, there is less of interest in human history and more of what is creation. Hence the problem is the language in which the question is framed.

If eternity is linear and infinite, than there must be a point A. Which nothing could have existed prior to point A.ONE

If eternity is linear and  circular, than we exist before both the beginning and the end of Point A. With the exception that NOW ( this second ) is also both the beginning and the end. Now that current beginning of NOW ( that last second)  just became  the illusion. Yet that past is also still possible , probable, and inevitable.

If eternity is not linear than it is truly not measurable. Except maybe in small segments that are perceived by the participant. However once this is history, those measurements not being present are merely illusion.

Hence the trap is set. Where is point A ?

Must there be a point A ( i.e. beginning )?

We are here, but where was there?

Can eternity be perceived as something that always was? Yet every bit of our intellect questions how something can exist without a beginning?

Yes it is easier for us to awaken and grasp the concepts of never ending. Yet we judge this existence without yet being able to grasp what always was.


_ Ralph Turchiano 23JAN2014

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