To discuss what Eternalism is, it is best to discuss what is an Eternalist. This is where existence has to be defined into it simplest concept. Void of philosophical musings and conjecture of individual purpose . No thoughts of astral, divine, nor universal reciprocity. No books, manuscripts, tablets, edicts, nor councils of men to direct our spiritual path. Reality is viewed as a non-constant, life as a personal interpretation.

External  environments and form not relevant to our existence. As opposed to carbon theory, we were born of quartz and silica and if our essence were imbued into a computer. It will be to quartz and silica we shall return. Where, when and what we exist in is not relevant to our existence.darkcircling

Philosophy, religion, atheism, relationships, morals, ethics, beauty, love  etc., all individual choices. This does not mean that there are no Gods, or Goddesses at the time. Existence though forever, will with probability  have the less possible occur. On the flip side of that, No Gods No Rules. Eternalist know there is a high probability they have experienced all probable possibilities before.

Eternalism is about concept awareness. In this struggle with concept awareness ,we are given two paths. These paths are actual choices neither wrong nor right, coexist with the awareness of forever or not. In all events, future, past, present there is only one common denominator , and that is you.

To say that you are the center of your own awareness is lex parsimoniae . Even if all this is a dream, it is of no consequence because you are the intent. Then one may imply Eternalism is a belief like atheism or a religion, for we claim that we are the centers of our own realities. Well in reality Eternalism is just about attempting to adapt to one of the toughest concepts of all. Easy to say, yet almost impossible for one to truly understand  “ I AM, I ALWAYS WAS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE “.


_ Ralph Turchiano 25 JAN 2014 _

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