Eternalism like Existentialism but now with more added you !!!

  • I am currently in the process of writing this segment. I am what you would called Literature challenged.

  • This segment is purely hypothetical and delves and eventually leads to the possible reasons why our initial response to the concept awareness of eternity is negative.

  • The route being taken is one of epigenetic, since emotions can be passed down through a lineage.

  • Please feel free to add, as we have no authorities on this subject…

Once we delve into observation we risk forming a philosophy. I have a simple quote about philosophy “ Philosophy is the luxury of a full stomach” .  Yet, in order for us hypothesize to why our initial response to why certain concepts are so abhorrent to our emotional biology we have to look at our epigenetic programming.

Humankind in my bias has been off track for thousands of years. Somewhere along our history, and probably with good intention, we began to believe in things greater than oneself. Operating as a community to achieve a common goal regardless of the reasons contributed to our survival.

This began to mutate, when we became obsessed with proving the unseen exist. So much so, we failed to deal with the knowns such as us. Developing volumes of work, directed at finding stories, quotes, and ideals the resonated positively with the observer. Obviously the more one wrote, the greater the odds someone was going to find something they agreed with. Often rationalizing the subjects they find in conflict as some sort of hidden meaning. Ironically it is this same curiosity of the unknowns which drive our discovery.

Not all had that same drive for discovery, many it was more about reciprocity. Whether it be power over ones adversaries, environment, heavenly rewards etc… Leading to a planet of mildly insecure co-dependents more concerned about transcendence than existence. Making the afterlife sound more like an emotional welfare system.

On the flip side existential nihilism and atheism , which is even tougher to prove than god. Where one group wants to prove the unseen, the other wants to disprove the seen. Assuming that order is just some random chance, excluding the statistical probabilities and possibilities.

Ironically we  end up with the elephant in the room. Human advancement primarily being equated to our technological advancement. Sociology wise, I would assume we are losing more and more ourselves, as we abdicate our meaning to our avatars or possessions. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs becoming more like our outdated four food groups. Plenty of Billionaires have no problem hanging out at the bottom of that pyramid. In fact it needs a basement added where paranoia, gluttony and narcissism can find a nice tomb.

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