There is no day after yesterday, so I draw my memories from tomorrow


Power of Equals:

To coexist with eternity and to redefine purpose we have to ask ourselves what is it to advance. First off let us eliminate the two primary illusions of advancement in accordance with infinity.

For those that have this concept awareness, we recognize although technology is entertaining, it is fleeting. Time will erase over and over again civilizations and cultures built solely on externalized technologies.

Then we have internalized developments ranging from the mental quantum manipulation of the environment, social domination, philosophy,  and even ponder psychic development. In the end, as with externalized technologies internalized advancement is often an attempt to have power over. or greater understanding of the environment at hand. Knowing that environments are never a constant, so can never be these advancements.

To the Eternalist, I hypothesize our advancement comes from being able to build upon our experiences as long as we desire. That caveat being, since time is not linear neither is memory nor experience. I would hypothesize since our resonance most likely follow us as intent. Full advancement would be, being able to draw upon all our experiences from whatever before our beginning was.

The question being, does all this advancement make you happy? Which brings you back to the present moment. If whatever energy (i.e.  emotion)  you desire to feel at any individual point in time is the one that you seek. Then it may be appropriate to say that you have advanced.

To the Eternalist who is attempting to  learn how to adapt and coexist with the concept awareness of eternity. We are primarily seeking a relief from despair, anxiety, panic etc..

Now for those who followed this disjointed grammar and logic so far.

Time not being linear, yet eternal, both forward and backwards, memories both manifested, and forgotten, realities inconsistent, malleable , virtual, as well as  perceived. Us being intent and having the impressions of our individual experience being linear. Though our memories often fabricated and extinguished does not exclude the individual  impressions of our eternal existence.

Though we may not remember an event, it does not mean we cannot draw upon its impression. Just as if we remember what we did in preschool does not require us to recall every event backwards to that point.

Being advanced to the Eternalist is purely personal. Knowing our exploration of concepts often gets us lost in defining our purpose. Therefore we seek balance in these discoveries. If it is possible to draw up the ever so weak resonance of experiences, without having to actually remember the event. We may be able to manifest the solution at any point.

If at this point, you overcome the issues that present itself with the concept awareness of eternity. That means the solution resonates with you regardless of time or environment. Overcome the despair, anxiety, panic, etc. that come along with the concept awareness of eternity. That solution even though not necessarily evident still will resonate with you eternally. This to those that see no end, nor beginning is what it means to advance. For once we can coexist with time and not devolve from the fear of time. It is now we can delve into the discoveries beyond the eternal environment in which we will always exist.

  • As a side note my writing is brief and direct. This is because this site is only being communicated to those whom had asked these questions before.


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