Eternal Revelations – Trinity


My thought process is quite defective. Therefore I am not going to explain, and just type out the conclusion;

We have three elements;

1. We are all both products and parts of eternity, therefore eternal in some form always.

2. Eternity = God (Eternity the base creator ) one never existed without the other = Creator, Destroyer = ((Time) Eternity = God )

3. Time ( a product of Consciousness ) = Awareness ( Observation of Eternity, within it ) = A product of Eternity, the Creator and Destroyer = Awareness once exiting can never not. For Eternity just is, no beginning, neither linear, nor incomplete.  Time = Awareness which is a product of God +/= Eternity

4. Eternity needs neither God nor Awareness, Yet Eternity = God

5. Existence = God + Time + Eternity ( The Trinity )

6. Eternity being non linear, and just is …. Once something exist it can never not exist.

The Trinity

Just the Ramblings of:

Ralph Turchiano 20 MAR 2014

I will fill in more later, but for now it is an incredibly exciting concept to finally comprehend. What once started out as a fear of Eternity, has now for the moment become an exhilarating discovery. I cannot fully describe, the multitude of new possibilities this door has opened.

As a side note, when mentioning consciousness ( awareness ) we are not discussing brain nor soul per say. An example would be the half life of plutonium. i.e.the Plutonium is aware of time and time is aware of it. Therefore it behaves accordingly to this mutual awareness…

You may also say the second something is born, is the day it starts to die… You now have to change that philosophy to, ” The second you become aware, is the second it begins to transform…

Without getting goofy…It is just incredible 😉

Now I can move forward

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