We are Eternalist not Apeirophobic – Perception versus Existence

( 2nd in series )
Had time for a quick impromptu (unrehearsed) discussion on what I see as the two absolutes or knowns.

In addition to being of the opinion that we are true Black Sheep. Knowing that both the Atheist, and Those with Spiritual leanings base the unknown off of Faith. Both separate but equal, with us on the outside focusing more on existence and perception.

Second we may be at an unwilling juncture, of some sort of evolution (and or adaptation). In any case we really have not been left with much of an option. Since we can not un-see what we have seen.

What I will conclude with is…. It is time to take control. Yes fire burns, and we cannot change that. Yet for those who control the flame in a world of darkness…Well lets not get to OVER Dramatic 😉

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.”
― Terry Pratchett

I will continue to do more videos as requested…

Only speaking with Humility, with the hope that maybe we can all help each other in our very unique small group (out of about 7 billion people)..

Ralph Turchiano

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