Acclimation to the Awarness of Eternal Existence #1 (Lowering the Veil of Fear/Despair)

Obviously this type of discussion is new to most of us. I will do my best, even if it seems a little awkward at times.

I will attempt to deconstruct many of the conforming principles that brought us to this point. Then to explain how I reconstructed them in order to better utilize this concept form of eternal existence.

It will take time, and I will keep these videos short. Even though they are short, the concepts take time to fully comprehend. Personal prejudice and bias are difficult obstacle to push aside. My statements must also be without prejudice, bias as well as exempting the general laws of any current reality. ( You will understand as I explain more)

* To those who do not understand what it is to experience the full concept of eternal existence like we do…Please do not watch these videos…(Seriously)

* I also hope not to offend anyone of any religious persuasion. I hold nothing but the upmost respect for all beliefs.

To all the Eternalist out there.. I am also open to all suggestions. Lets keep it fun 😉

– Ralph Turchiano

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