Reality is only Linear by Choice #35

Ralph Turchiano, Eternity, Fear, Phobia, apeirophobia, algorithm, Help. Evolution, Eternity, Infinity

Existence is often a choice of sets and lines perceived from multiple points. Heavens and Hells, Creations and Oblivions all real to those who choose to perceive it as so. Superior beings whether Devil or God, measured in strength by the mastery of choice in any chosen reality. Choice is also how one chooses to know existence.
To the Eternalist their vision of existence is only limited to the size of the set they choose to know. Often a linear progression of their imagination is dwarfed by the size of the set they envision. No beginning, No end, Power Rises, Power Falls, Never ending Continuous Sorting, Void of Purpose. The Eternalist is aware they are a part of an eternal sort. It is this awareness that repurposes the Eternalist as they no longer see their actions and their potential within a closed set. Existence purposed and time measured by the amount of accumulated memories, potential and perception that is shared amongst all variables great and small as well. Nothing is ever forgotten, but not everything is always processed.

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