Constraint Relaxation #36

Eternalist Ralph Turchiano Onfinity

When the lines of time become undefinable, as you first perceive 1,000 Earth solar years ahead, then a million, and onward into then into Ad infinitum. Often the mind which is accustomed to sets desperately tries to see beginnings and end in multiple points amongst what I call “Event Breach”. Purpose is easier to define in limits; However, when those limits are removed so vanishes the purpose in which we define self.
In the Event Breach, it becomes a horrid self-reflection when we ask ourselves ” for what purpose is it to exist without meaning “ . These are the thoughts of one who has been trained to serve something externally in exchange of meaning to define of one’s self. It is not to question the nobility behind this servitude, but to question whether this service is a reciprocal relationship of exchanging the perception of time for purpose.
Time is nothing more than a temporary perception based upon a set of variables in which each measures against the other. Time is the least meaningful and abundant commodity in existence, yet to some it is the most valuable.

2 thoughts on “Constraint Relaxation #36

  1. Ralph,
    Thanks for all, I really mean it. After my “enlightenment,” its been hell, but the videos and cards bring me back to sanity and I can feel happy, albeit for a moment. Also, I have a few questions I would like to ask, is there any way I could email you?

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