Basic principles Once understood you may find helpful:

I know things may seem tough right now for a few of you. Therefore I am posting this in the mean time till I get a few more videos done. Do not let anyone convince you that you are ill. In reality you are more than likely the exact opposite, “Becoming Fully Aware” .

Most of you have highly evolved intellects……… Therefore I am posting the following logic flow, in which those of you who are struggling with this concept can give you something to relate to. Again you can always contact me – Ralph Turchiano


Time is not existence

Existence is not time

Time is material perception

Not linear observation

It is no more linear than personal memories

Existence is not eternity,

although Awareness of eternal existence

often is the root of our initial despair

Eternity is time not existence

Existence just is, and always shall be

A single all encompassing  immeasurable point

With no beginning and no end.

Perception of existence is

Both a mutation and an evolution

We are just evolving to truly understand

Just one part of existence

No End

This mutation of understanding

is just part of a concept that forces

a change in our perception

Of purpose in all things, Hence evolution

–Ralph Turchiano

4 thoughts on “Basic principles Once understood you may find helpful:

  1. Thank you. Is really helpful for me. Im suffering because cannot accept conception of eternity as i used to perceive it as endless time. how could appear universe from nothing??? where was the beginning when will be end??

    • “how could appear universe from nothing??? where was the beginning when will be end??” This is where conceptually existence and time have to be perceived separately. Usually it takes a while for someone with our experiences, to attempt to imagine an existence without a beginning. So you may be further along than you realize. 😉

    • Cool 😉 I think this is fairly new for most if not all of us. This is what worked for me, which does not mean there are other ways. In my case I had to Logic my way into adapting to this concept. (very much like a puzzle)…

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