Part 2: Our initial response to the forms of existence

Candid Discussion of our primary reaction to our initial response

of feeling the Awareness of Existence. Not the definition of existence, but the forms of existence.

I admit the video prior to this one is tough to listen to . Even though the subject matter is relevant. This video runs smoother, except for the uncooperative wind.

I will continue the videos, in an informal method. This way it is easier to do; However, there may be a little repetition.

You guys really help when you communicate with me. It does help me become more aware of each of your unique obstacles.

I know what we feel is an horrendous burden for many of us. With time I hope I can communicate properly how there is a solution to this concept labyrinth.

This thing that you feel is tangible, but as time moves forward you may find it a extremely powerful tool.

Most of all feel free to communicate on this subject free of stress. As well as even maybe have a little fun.. 😉

Ralph Turchiano

3 thoughts on “Part 2: Our initial response to the forms of existence

  1. I just started researching a bit because I have been starting to think about these things, again. And getting the fear. I have watced your videos and I think I know some of the concepts you are talking about and I can relate to them. Thank you. But in this video I get a bit confused with your standpoint, and believe there is a contradiction in the “we are the first wave” when operating in a non linear time perspective. I believe there is a good chance in all of eternety that there has been such a wave or several. It can be percieved as arrogant of you to suggest othervise.

    • Excellent and I agree with the Arrogant statement, as it is not wrong. For my statement can be seen as Conjecture and a strong assumption. However, even though the strong possibility of there being prior “waves”. It can be equally dangerous to assume that all because something is possible now, that it definitely must of occurred prior.

      In any case, I should of chosen a better wording. There is no doubt by me saying “we are the first wave” it can’t be backed up. For us though at this point of time, it stands a higher probability of being true. – Which is why I stated That it may of occurred prior in history.

      Never hesitate to question Yolanda, it only makes us stronger. I will choose better wording next time 😉 Ralph Turchiano

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