All Realities are Simulations but One #33

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All Realities are Simulations but One
Once the Eternalist comes to the realization that most all Realities are simulations, then the universe of infinite possibilities becomes a common perception. Time, Dimension, space, distance, vectors and all the ingredients that compose of a perceived reality are malleable. Eternalists build their science upon the mechanics of what creates realities, more than the obsession with just one reality.
While Realities may become closed sets, existence always remains open. The reality of infinite realities is the common denominator binding all intents and potentials. What influences the perception of the mechanics of anyone reality to what is perceived by the majority is no different than an Arch Mage or a Brilliant Scientist. It is also illusory to conceive Time as the master, Time is not the master of perception or reality, it is merely just an ingredient. In the same light, the battle for a dominant Perception is the root of both peace and war.
The psyche must be prepared for the realization that peace is fleeting while war is eternal. The hierarchy for any order yields most often to the dominant perception. Perception potentiates the simulations which mold nonhomogeneous realities.
What I Perceive, Perceives me
What I See, See’s me
What I know, Knows Me

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