Existence is not time, and time is not existence

I am finding it necessary at this juncture to explain how my perception of existence and time are two separate elements.

An understanding of the following concept was vital to clearing the hurdle of discomfort in regards to eternity.

It was not till many years later did I realize it was the concept of existence and not time that was the culprit.

Yes, I found a way to co-exist with time as a quasi linear eternal event. Yet eternity, really was not the root of the issue.

It was the birth of a relatively intangible thought, as the following shall reveal.

Existence is undefinable, and absent of limits and laws. It is also unimaginable, as we only attempt to understand it through our biases and perception. Our vision corrupts it through our experience and knowledge.

It is nothing yet everything.

It is forever and yet the beginning

It is a single point yet limitless

All times begin and diminish within existence

All times and events are eternal within existence.

From existence the dimensions arise. The first most likely being perception than time. Without the perception from matter and energy, time is not relevant.

  • Perception need not be consciousness

From Existence is birthed perception, time, dimensions, etc…..

I will stop there.

I have discovered for myself,  that eternal existence is an indirect misnomer. Eternity and Existence must be distinguished as two separate entities. I know this is not easy, as it is counter to the way we have been trained to think epigenetically over the eons.

We are trained to fixate on beginnings and endings. Many of us began to despair just over the feeling of no end or purpose. Never mind the concept of there never being a beginning or plan.

I do not purport to claim I understand existence. I have though, have begun my journey of understanding that time and existence are two totally separate entities all together.

I find it Ironic that for any of us to truly perceive existence, with all the hell we had to experience to get there.  May end up being one of the most pure and empowering of experiences that all realities have to offer. Since it may be perception of existence that gives birth to all potential realities.  ( in Romantic terms True Magic )

I hope this helps 😉

Ralph Turchiano

7 thoughts on “Existence is not time, and time is not existence

  1. Hey Ralph, thank you so much for posting your views I’ve had everything from panic attacks to depressed because of my conceptual awareness issue. Since the age of 9, I’m 31 now I was doing well at least preoccupied with life for a few years and I was able to keep the attacks at bay. Now after the passing of my mum it’s all starting to come back now so I search on line and found your vids and site. I wish I had found them sooner, please keep posting as your insights are comforting and really making me reevaluate my thought process and rationalisation. Thanks again

  2. Ralph,
    I have had these fears for about 2 years now, that unquantifiable fear that is I believe unexplainable to those who do not experience it. I’ve had those long nights in bed trying to understand what’s outside of everything, how there must be an end and if so then what comes after that, how can we not exist, how can we just cease.
    I understand this unimaginable terror.
    I cannot however explain, how refreshing and comforting it was in particular with this article. It isn’t an epiphany as such. But being able to separate time and existence is a fantastic, comforting and enlightened thought. I think whilst we obviously cannot quantify the concepts we as Aeirophobics think, it gives an explanation and finally a solid one. And one I have been searching for and finally one which truly has allayed my fears and allowed me to think more holistically.

    I am truly grateful for this as you have achieved and made me realise something I do not believe I alone could. I truly do believe this is the first genuinely helpful article for those of us fearing the unknown and eternity and I thank you for it and for what it’s worth to those reading, confront the terror that we do every so often with these concepts and I do believe you will feel better.

    Thank you again Ralph.


    • Thank You so much Robert for your kind words. Once the concept is understood, it opens up an entirely new world of exploration. A world that has been hidden from view for what I feel, way to long ;-). Thanks Robert

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